TRAUMA KIT       [Top]

Injuries arising in a military environment are often severe and life-threatening. Ultimate survival of these injuries is directly dependent on adequate and early resuscitation and stabilization of victims at the scene of the incident, followed by rapid transport to a surgical facility for definitive treatment.

The Trauma kit has been designed specifically for use in the pre-hospital resuscitation phase of major trauma that typically occur in a military environment - these include injuries caused by high-velocity missiles, shells, land-mines, vehicle accidents, etc. It contains 50 carefully selected items required to assess, treat and stabilize the victim(s) at the scene of the incident, thereby increasing chances of survival.

  • Compact, modular design.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Light-weight and portable.
  • Supplied in a waterproof back-pack.
  • Ideal for use in remote locations.
  • Easily stored in any vehicle, helicopter, aeroplane or ship.
The Trauma kit is intended to be used by groups or units exposed to a high risk of injury such as:
  • Special forces
  • Early entry/rapidly mobile forces
  • Demining engineers
  • Peace-keeping forces
The Trauma Kit contains sufficient equipment to simultaneously treat two severely injured patients or three to four moderately injured patients.

Weight fully packed = 14 kg

Dimensions of bag = 61 35 25 cm.

Material = waterproof texturised Nylon 1000 D material.


Portable Stretcher and Intravenous Stand : Located in the zip- up pouch on the outside lid of the bag. Interlocking splints: Three interlocking splints are located in the sides of the bag.

Module 1: Intravenous fluids and general accessories
  1. Torch (head lamp) with batteries 1
  2. Sterile gloves 5 pairs
  3. Scissors 1
  4. Artery forceps 2
  5. Disposable scalpel with blade 1
  6. Tissue forceps 1
  7. Ball-point pen 1
  8. Writing pad 1
  9. Blood pressure apparatus 1
  10. Stethoscope 1
  11. Ringers Lactate 3 litres
  12. Intravenous administration sets 3
  13. Alcohol swabs 50
  14. Intravenous cannulae 14g 2
  15. Intravenous cannulae 16g 2
  16. Intravenous cannulae 18g 2
  17. Antiseptic ointment 1 tube
  18. Syringes 5 ml 2; needles 21g 4
  19. Elastoplast (waterproof) 25 mm 1
  20. Disposal container (sharps) x 1
Module 2 : Dressings and Bandages
  1. Vaseline gauze 6 strips
  2. Expandable neck collar 1
  3. Trauma bandages (150 mm 200 mm 4 m) 4
  4. Trauma bandages (200 mm 300 mm 6,50 m) 4
  5. Conforming bandages (100 mm 4,5 m) 4
  6. Conforming bandages (150 mm 4,5 m) 4
  7. Sterile dressing pads (100 mm 100 mm) 10
  8. Gauze swabs (75 mm 75 mm) 100
  9. Triangular bandages with safety pins 4
  10. Eye pads 2
  11. Thermal blankets (rescue sheets) 2
  12. Porous adhesive bandages 50 mm 2 rolls
  13. burn gel dressing (20 cm x 20 cm) x1
  14. aluminium splints x 2
  15. CELOX granules 35g x 1
Module 3: Airway Management Equipment and accessories
  1. Laryngoscope handle with batteries
  2. Spare batteries 2
  3. Laryngoscope blades S/M/L 1 each
  4. Spare Laryngoscope globes 3
  5. Magills forceps (adult) 1
  6. Magills forceps (paediatric) 1
  7. Endotracheal tubes 4
  8. Oral airways size 1/2/3/4 1 each
  9. Resuscitator bag (Ambu-type) 1
  10. RES-Q-VAC manual airway suction apparatus
  11. Bladder catheter 1
  12. Urine bag 1
  13. Nasogastric tube 1
  14. Sterile lubricant sachets 2
  15. Intercostal drainage set 1 (IC catheter, Heimlich valve, disposable scalpel, alcohol swabs 10)

DISASTER KIT       [Top]

The disaster kit is designed for the immediate treatment of bleeding arising from a variety of causes such as high-velocity shrapnel injuries caused by bombs (improvised explosive devices, mortars, land mines), bullet wounds, gas explosions, etc.

It contains sufficient equipment for the simultaneous treatment of 20-30 casualties and is supplied in a bright red back pack.

  1. Sterile Examination Gloves x 50 pairs
  2. CELOX Coagulant Sachets x 30
  3. Trauma Bandages (150mm x 200mm x 4m) x 25
  4. Trauma Bandages (200mm x 300mm x 6.5m) x 25

SHOCK PACK       [Top]

The Shock Pack is a compact lightweight personal survival pack that is specifically designed for the imediate treatment of major haemorrage (bleeding).

It is intended to be carried by individuals or groups who are at high risk of serious injury or death due to injuries typically associated with major blood loss caused by:
  • Fragments and shrapnel from explosions
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Stab wounds
  • Wounds resulting from motor vehicle accidents
Included in the pack is CELOX which is a revolutionary third generation haemeostat/clotting agent which causes rapid clotting of blood when applied to open wounds. CELOX is supplied in sachets for immediate use and drastically reduces blood loss within minutes of application to open wounds.

The Shock Pack is supplied in a waterproof pouch that can be worn on a belt for immediate access.

Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm x 170mm

Weight: 250g

  1. Sterile Gloves (large) x 2
  2. Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm x 10 (2 packets of 5 each)
  3. Rescue Sheet/space blanket (2 x 1m) x 1
  4. Trauma Bandages x 3 (150mm x 200mm absorbent pad on 4m bandage)
  5. CELOX 35g sachet x 1


The temporary storage of corpses often presents serious logistical problems, particularly in remote areas where storage facilities may be inadequate.

Decomposition of corpses stored at the incorrect temperature may cause the spread of disease and contamination of drinking water, as well as medico-legal problems during subsequent post-mortem examination.

THE MOBILE MORTUARY UNIT has been specifically designed to alleviate these problems.

  • Provides temporary storage facilities for six corpses at 1C.
  • Manufactured from thermally-insulated material
  • Mounted on robust trailer designed for off-road conditions
  • Double container doors for easy loading
  • Temperature gauge provides constant temperature read-out
  • 220 volt compressor ensures constant temperature
  • 220 volt generator (3 KW) for use during transport or if electricity unavailable
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Easily towed by any light vehicle

THE MOBILE MORTUARY UNIT is ideal for use by:
Military and police forces

  • Rural hospitals and clinics
  • Disaster relief organizations
  • Mines, construction companies in remote locations
  • Funeral directors in rural areas

Technical Specifications:

A. Trailer Unit:

Gross weight: 700 kg
Total length of trailer = 4.12 M
1600 kg braked axle with 14" wheel rims
1500 kg blade springs
Container doors x 2 (1.520 x 0.6 M)
Jockey wheel
Goose-neck hitch 50 mm with safety chain
Standard 12 volt plug and wiring
Rear chevron
Rear stabilising jacks x 2
Nose-cone assembly with interior light 220 volt
Fire extinguisher
Spare wheel, jack, wheel spanner

B. Insulated Body:

Floor: stainless steel 1.2 mm. Walls interior and exterior: galvanised steel prepainted with corrosion-resistant silicone polyester.
Walls and roof thickness: 100 mm polystyrene insulation.
Dimensions of insulated body: L = 2.72 m W = 1.54 m H = 2 m
Stainless steel body trays on roller assembly x 6 (2.1 x .550 m)
Interior light ( 220 volt)

C. Electrical System:

Condensing and cooling unit: mounted on removable service panel (backplug) with instrument panel, pressure switches, thermostat, distribution board and earth leakage.
Cooling capacity = 1980 W
Minimum temperature = 1 deg. C
Refrigerant = R22 (ozone friendly)
Compressor motor = 0.75 KW
Rated voltage = 220/240 volt
Generator = 3 KW 220 volt Honda with 20 L fuel tank
220 volt light in nose-cone and in insulated body unit.